June 2022: Relating to community

We are all part of a community. Some of us are more involved in the community than others. While it is more comfortable sometimes to not engage in the community, engaging in the community has many benefits. Of course, a community can be online and offline. Community involvement offers you:

A sense of belonging. With a sense of belonging we can feel increased confidence and increased self esteem. 

  • Empowerment. We are able to have an increased feeling of understanding and control of our community if we are actively involved in events and the people within the community.
  • Friendships. This gives one a sense of belonging, value, worthiness and purpose. Friendships can validate you as a person and be a source of support.
  • Enrichment. Learning something new, participating in a community event. Making friends, practicing interpersonal skills,  these all can enrich our lives. 

Be actively part of a community to live a thriving and meaningful life!

Let me know what you do to be part of your community?  

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