June 2021: Relating to being active

During this current period of spending more time at home why not use the opportunity to be more active. This could be just doing what you need to do on a daily basis or chores and tasks that you have been wanting to do for a while, from daily chores to ‘spring cleaning’ (in winter).  It could also involve doing more exercise.


Here are more ideas for activity or exercise:

  • Go for a walk.
  • Use your home gym equipment.
  • How about some burpees? or other body weight exercises?
  • Do an online exercise class or activity.
  • Dance on your own or with those in your household.
  • Arrange a zoom dance or exercise party.
  • Make progress with your hobby.


Arranging to do exercise oir be active, in nature and with someone, will give you the maximum mental health benefit!


Whatever you decide to do to be more active, make like Nike and ‘just do it!’. Nike is the Greek goddess  of victory so if  ‘just do it!’ you will be victorious and conquer another period of ‘staying home’.

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