May 2021: Relating to Service Providers

We are all guilty of this. We make a call or go somewhere for specific goods or a service. We are kept waiting or are unable to obtain what we request, our expectations are not met. Our body language and voice becomes irritated and frustrated, we may even swear or raise a voice. Guiltily, we realise that this is not our usual way of dealing with difficult situations.
An increase in the above scenario is evident, globally. Much of this is as a result of the chronic stress caused by COVID-19. Here are some tips for dealing with this stress and stressful situations.

  • Have a regular self care routine.
  • Breathe regularly throughout the day, including before and after encounters.
  • Understand that all of us humans are stressed during this time.
  • Use please and thank you and apologies.
  • Smile, even if you are on a phone call and cannot be seen.
  • Do not personalise that which does not meet your expectations.
  • Show some understanding for the person that is attempting to assist you.
  • Reward yourself for being assertive and keeping your cool during potentially stressful situations.

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