December 2020: Enjoying time with loved ones, despite all.

At this time of the year, ‘the most wonderful time of year’, most people get together with family and friends. Even though it is supposed to be a happy time, it is often stressful. 


Family members trigger each other by how they behave and what they say. This can happen, whether meeting in person, face to face or on video call. With the increased stress brought about by this year’s restrictions and feelings of not being safe or secure, these triggers can happen more often.


A quick tip to keep in mind when responding (instead of reacting) to any family member, when you are triggered, is to  ‘watch the show’. This means seeing what is happening within the family as if it were a stage show, not being one of the actors, but still involved, as the audience. 


Keep in contact with others, especially those that trigger you less, in person (where possible), by telephone or on video call.


My first day of leave will be December 25 and I will return from January 11. If you would like to write down what has happened during this holiday season and discuss it with me in a session next year, I’m here to help.


Have as much fun, good times and restful times as you can, even within a family, community and world environment that is not as favourable as it could be right now.

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