November 2021: Relating to a New type of Worklife

There is a growing trend of changing workplaces and occupations post pandemic lockdowns. It is common for people to reevaluate their current job situation during these times. Work Life has changed forever with more people working from home. Some people are concerned about being in a workplace that involves close physical proximity with others.

To assist with this change I suggest focusing on finding meaning in your work and a ‘hybrid’ approach to work.

  1. Finding meaning in your work. If you stay in your current workplace or move on to another workplace, focus on doing what is meaningful to you.  Ask yourself, ‘what will give me the highest job satisfaction?’. You may be able to give yourself enough safety to be able to work in an occupation where you are within close proximity to others if it brings you meaning and job satisfaction.
  2. If possible, be in a position where you can have a ‘hybrid’ approach to work. This would be some times working in close proximity to others and some times working in low proximity to others. This could be accomplished by working part time in more than one workplace, or having some time working from home and some time going into the workplace.

For Psychology Week 2021 (November 29 to December 5, hosted by the Australian Psychological society) there is a free public online event called “Your work, your way’, Boosting yourwellbeing, passion and meaning at work. It takes place on December 2 at 7pm (Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra). You can book at Feel free to click on the link and register for the event.

Any other questions, feel free to contact me on [email protected].

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