October 2021: Relating to getting back out there

Do you experience FOGO (fear of going out)?. As we get back out to work and social life, or both, most people feel anxious, at least to some extent. Any change can bring with it mixed emotions such as anxiety, grief, relief and joy. 

Here are some tips as you get back out there:

  • Take it slow. You can reconnect with family and friends over a few weeks. You can go back to work for increasingly more days over a few weeks.
  • Find ways to see all people. While keeping to the health regulations there are ways to see all friends and family members unless they are in total isolation.
  • Keep up your self care. Even if you are not home as much now, continue the self care routines that you developed to cope with lockdown.
  • It is normal to feel anxious. As above, all change brings anxiety and a mixture of emotions.
  • Continue doing what you liked in your routine during lockdown. Good habits should not be forgotten. 
  • Value what you value. During the COVID experience your values may have changed. It is your choice whether or not you keep to your new values and way of life or continue with the pre-COVID way of life and values.
  • Acknowledge the positive changes. Being in lockdown and coming out of lockdown, both have benefits, even if this does not seem to be true at first glance. What have those benefits been to you?

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